And This Is My Beloved lyrics

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Artist(s)Kismet Soundtrack
Album(s)Kismet Soundtrack

Music: Robert Wright + George Forrest
Lyrics: Robert Wright + George Forrest
Book: Luther Davis + Charles Lederer
Premiere: Thursday, December 3, 1953

Dawn's promising skies
Petals on a pool drifting
Imagine these in one pair of eyes
And this is my beloved

Strange spice from the south
Honey through the comb sifting
Imagine these in one eager mouth
And this is my beloved

And when s/he speaks and when s/he talks to me
Music! Mystery!
And when s/he moves And when s/he walks with me
Paradise comes suddenly near

All that can stir All that can stun
All that's for the heart's lifting
Imagine these in one perfect one

And this is my beloved
And this is my beloved

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