Wheel of Fortune lyrics

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Artist(s)The Brothers soundtrack
Album(s)The Brothers Soundtrack

oohh, time seems to be standing still.
cause you haven't changed a bit since the day we met.
and it ain't very common to find a work of art and she'd be game free.
incredible, geniune, unbelievable, which word best describe.

oohh,if i had to spin a wheel of fortune to describe what you are, i'd spin, then i'd pick an L, then
i'd buy an O, then i'd pick a V, then i'd buy another vowel, which is E cause to me these are the words that
best describe what you are yes to me. if i have to spin once again, i'd pick a Y then i'd say i'd like to
solve, ooohh please.

your the jackpot that i hit before i went bankrupt. and if i had to spend my life apart from you, how my life
would be. it's meant to be a lovely, place within us for lonely. so i figured it out, your the final piece to
this puzzle i call life.

[repeat chorus 2x]

charming that personality ain't always mad at me. what's the deal, this is real. love the way you make feel.
there's no me without you, so if you're there, i'll be here. that's where i'll be,baby,yeah. to describe what
you are to me, yeah. L-O-V-E and Y

[repeat chorus]

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