Through Being Cool lyrics

Rating: 1.95
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Artist(s)Saves The Day
Album(s)Through Being Cool

You know what
The next time you see Nick
Tell him I'm gonna stick some needles in his face
And watch him on his knees
Watch him when he sees that I'm not fooling
'Cause I'm through being cool
And he keeps telling everyone about me
Like how I'm such a fool and that I'm so deceptive
I think I'll make him eat the ground
I think that I will turn around and notice the wind blowing tops of trees
I'll see the way the world begins to need color everywhere
And I'll realize how small I really am
And then I'll spin right back around
And say, "Nick, why are you such a prick
Why can't you just marvel in the hopes that make up this reality
Your world is what you made it
And I don't want a part of it."

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