Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems lyrics

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Artist(s)Less Than Jake
Album(s)  -

And I've been so busy trying
that I've only wound up living
weekend to weekend
getting by just simply "trying"
And I should be out looking for a job
but only wind up heading for a stiff drink
left with nothing else so I think
"it's time to stumble home"
So I say Hello to wasted hours
and I say bottoms up to better days
I've been so busy dying
that I've always wound up living
paycheck to paycheck
scraping by but hardly trying
what will it take to get me out of bed
when half the check goes to rent
the other half goes to debt
I should be out looking for another job
Instead I stumble home
Another day not trying
there's no one left to blame
it's just the routine and the repetition
I've spun out of control

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