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Faction lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Less Than Jake
Album(s)  -

And I
I wonder if you'd understand
if I said I'll never go never go along again
And if I told you all that I believe in
and gave you my reasons and always had an answer
an honest answer for all of them
sometimes you just want to belong
at any loss or any cost
yeah I've
I've made mistakes before
but I just can't seem to remember them anymore
and I've followed everyone's lead before
and I've made my own decisions
and I've never felt so strong before
I've never felt so strong before
sometimes you just want to belong
at any loss or any cost
sometimes your best defense is a good reminder
of your common sense
strike a match and hope it lasts
here's to following your own lead
it's the path that I have taken
after all the contemplation
it's the promise I have made
I hope it lasts

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