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Al's War lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Less Than Jake
Album(s)  -

Al said goodbye to his mom and dad for the first time in his life
tonight left the house and walked out to the waiting car outside
and somehow he thought they'd never understand that nothing lasts
and he just knows that time is just spinning by
and life is passing him by so fast
And sometimes I think I'm the only one
that feels like going nowhere is like giving up
Al said to me a few days ago
that he just thought for the first time in his life
he feels the last 10 years were only a waste of time
and that it was only a compromise of what he always felt inside
his declaration of independence
said to me under the orange street lights
he was the one
who always did the right thing
he was the one that listened to everything they'd say
but today he's never going back

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