Song For Owen lyrics

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Artist(s)Timothy B. Schmit
Album(s)Feed the Fire

(Schmit/Walden/Linderman)Do you remember
Not so long ago
When I could just pick you up
And warm your soul

We'd sit and talk about the difference between
The world of bad and good
And I was doing the best I could

Bedtime stories
Read you off to sleep
Wishing you all my love
And sweet, sweet dreams

I'd wait until you were closing your eyes
Just because I thought I should
And I'd wonder while I watched you breathe
What this crazy world had up its sleeve
I was doing the best I could";Time Flies";--So the saying goes
But I don't know if it's true
Because every dayd is so full of life
And so much of it is you

Now you stand-so tall
And look straight in my eyes
Longing with all your might
To be strong and wise

So on summer nights when you're driving away
I hope you understand
That this new found freedom you have earned
Worries me till you return
And I'm doing the best I can
And my love for you will never end

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