Say What You Want lyrics

Rating: 2.79
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Artist(s)The Tubes
Album(s)Genius of America


Am I what you're looking for today,
and who will it be tomorrow?
Time has a way of breaking a date
and only fools will follow.

You know that I'd swim across the nile
walk on my hands for a thousand miles
if you'd explain what's behind that smile, and

Say what you want
but go down with it For once can we skip the going
through the motions
and cut swiftly to the chase?
There must be a play, pill, or potion
to make you see it my way

Do I just wait for my hell to freeze?
Or was I supposed to be on my knees?
Did I forget? Well won't you tell me please, just

Say what you want
but go down with it

How do you know the way to run away from?
It's never in his eyes
So do you stay or you go?
Never gonna find out
Say what is on your mind

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