Africa lyrics

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Artist(s)The Renaissance
Album(s)Songs From Renaissance Days

Breaking away
I want to stay
Lay in your arms awhile
And watch break of day

Safe in your smile
Mile after mile
I have a photograph
Containing my view
Image of you

Hear the drums
Caress the sound
The music is all around
Each beat could be the start
The end for a lonely heart


Come to me go with me Africa
Here in your mystique Africa

Dark and serene
Just like a dream
Gaze at the deepest eyes
That I've ever seenLive for today
Watch child at play
He speaks of innocence
So far from away
Stay understood

All of life before you stands
Beginning the ancient man
Each beat be the one
A shot from a loaded gun


I have a photograph Africa
Lay in your arms awhile Africa

Repeat chorus two times

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