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[verse 1]
I'm feeling this brother like um...
Like a big fat person likes their tums
Like hot Krispy Kremes everybody wants some
Like Sisqo is feeling girls in thongs

I've been feeling this brother like ah...
Like a, like a ghetto brother likes a stack of
Money in his pocket when it's nice and fatter
How he gets, oh, it just don't matter...

He's got me so...high
I don't know why. I don't know why he's always on my mind
You said to let go and I tried, but I
Can't let him go. He's so fine

He's got me so...wide
Open inside, You keep on saying he has me so blind.
(You) said it's not love but you lying
'Cuz I have to have him in my life.

Hey Kandi
He ain't doing a thing for you
You knowing that his love ain't true
I know that the hell you should do.
You need to cut your love off
And show your man who's the boss
So next time he piss you off
Let him go cuz it's not your loss.

[verse 2]
I'm feeling this brother like a rat does cheese
He's filling my needs. I know you don't believe
But every time I see him I scream. So back up
'Cuz he and I are ding big things

I've been feeling this brother like I love my checks
Him and my dough are about neck and neck...
Hold up...you know that I'm joking
To choose him over money I would have to be smoking

[b- section to double chorus]

Girl: Kandi, does he cook you food
Kandi: No, but he manages
To hook up some mean peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Girl: Well. Does he clean the house
Kandi: You dreamin' now
I got a maid but that's not what this thing's about
Girl: Well, does he give you mad dough
Kandi: No
Girl: He's that poor
Kandi: Hold up. Watch your mouth before you get rolled up
He's my man, I'll be damned if you play him soft
Matter of fact, just hang up before you tick me off


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