Just In Case lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I know this music loud but I'm gone say this I know that u can hear threw all this
craziness see I don't mean ta be all up in yo biz boy but I gotta make sure u hear me-clearly
boy (c'mon) don't be worried I'm gone run this down real clear cuz I know u leakin out a lil bit
and c ya neva undastand y I'm fuckin u and y ya lettin me sweatin me and I know u feelin me....

(I don't) usually (sweat every) guy I meet but I may not evuh get this chance again
(so I'm) lettin u (know that) I want to holla if not tonite lata on'll be alright

Just in case yo gurl decide to play take this phone numba babe hit me bak if u wanna get
down like that she can't do what I can do 4 u so if u feel me babe hit me bak if u wanna get
down like that

[Verse 2]
Somethins tellin me that u don't really wanna be in this club and you'd rather be alone
with me still I don't wanna start confusion but I had to speak the way she actin more I know it
made u wanna leave I understand if u don't evuh use this (numba) but boy I reccomend u neva lose
this (numba) and if u evuh feel the need ta get away from her just hit me I'm Nivea I'm leavin
now its all on u
[Chorus 3x]

whoa just in case ooooooo yeah what mmm ooooo JUST IN CASE!!
[Chorus till fade]

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