I'm Losin' It lyrics

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Artist(s)Tear Da Club Up Thugs

Oh my god
It's happenin' again
Why does this keep happenin'
I'm losin' my mind
I gotta find somebody to talk to
I can't stop
(You think you can catch Keyser Soze)
(You think a guy like that comes this close to getting caught
and sticks his head out)
(If he comes up for anything it'll be to get rid of me)
(After that, my guess is you'll never hear from me again)

Chorus x2
Sometimes I think I'm losin' it, I'm losin' it, I'm losin' it
Ain't no pill, ain't no cure for it, I'm losin' it, I'm losin' it
Ain't nothin' I can do for it, I'm losin' it, I'm losin' it
Everyday my mind is provin' it, I'm losin' it, I'm losin' it

[Lord Infamous]
I can't focus, I cannot figure it, something is hopeless
Medicine man fill my perscription, give me a stronger dosage
I went to the reverend, father, he talked to me about God
But the praying did not stop Soze from acting very odd
A black heart that gets soft from smelling corpses rot
Ain't enough room in my backyard for another burying plot
I love doom
I'm gettin' black candles, slept like voodoo in my bedroom
I keep six bitches around the bedpost, torture in the sex room
Satan says a lullaby in my ears every night
It's a song of suffering sin and a motherfuckin'fright it goes:
Keyser Soze, bring the souls
Bring me babies, men, women, and animals
My victory over the almighty is very vital
Cut 6's in they foreheads, and burn the bibles
Ain't no snappin' and body snatchin'
Triple six rappin' if the world shall end
I will be the one that makes it happen

Chorus 2X

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