The Eyes of Medusa lyrics

Rating: 3.36
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Artist(s)Symphony X
Album(s)The Divine Wings of Tragedy

(5:26)(Music: Romeo, Pinnela, Miller/Lyrics: Miller)
Can you look into my eyes
Tell me, now do you somehow
still recognize this stare I wear
Through crystal tears

The light escapes my smile
There is no likeness to be seen,
it is so strange to me

Awaken vindication
The mirrors curse-it besets me

Endless, timeless, faceless terror
To the isle of deadly shores
Sightless, countless, ageless
To behold the sight of Medusa's

Under a spell - I'm enchanted
The hand of fate isnever late to
ring the time
I'm forced to climb the wallsA voice bids last farewell
With no beginning or no end to
be found by me



(The Isle of Deadly Shores)


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