Tweek lyrics

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Artist(s)Substance D

tAke down my old cross throw it on my bAck it's been two yeArs And A seA of teArs i'm A lone wolf in the pAck cAlling out my nAme heAr thAt wicked voice pulling me bAck to the dArk life do i hAve A fucking choice
feel my pulse increAse smell thAt dirty junk put me bAck in the gArbAge cAn my God i cAn't get enough don't pick up the phone tell Another lie i don't think i'll ever live to see Another dAy
Another dAy Anymore
light thAt cigArette sAme old frAme of mind two yeArs down the drAin one line At A time turn down All the blinds you cAn't see my fAce wAtching my life fAll ApArt is this the only wAy
cAn i crAsh At your pAd cAn i stAy on the floor cAn i borrow your ride cAtch A ride to the store do you hAve Any cAsh i hAve no reAson do you hAve Any more, i need some more tweek
i don't cAre Anymore do i regret
do i hAve regrets do i hAve A choice do i hAve belief do i hAve A voice do i hAve A God do i live this lie do i think i'll ever live to see Another dAy no wAy

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