Strange 48 lyrics

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Artist(s)Substance D

As I struggle through a drunken maze

Here I climb the walls and stay up for days

Through my head speeds the chemical burn

Yes, I like it that way

My closest friends are powdered dreams

A bottomless glass, blackened smoke screen

My mind is sick but my arms are clean,

And I like it that way

Mt fucking life gets turned so upside down

At least it seems that way sometimes

The past two nights boy, have been the same fucked up day

A damn strange 48

My mind is sick

My soul is sick

My heart is sick

Just one more hour and I'll get some sleep

First do another shot to wash down the speed

How times flies as I'm killing myself

I wouldn't have no other way

Money slips through my trembling fingers

It's 6:00 am; I just bought more shit

The spots I see are like family

A damn strange 48

My mind is numb my blood runs thin

I've lost my grip but found religion

On a mirror lays my last future out

I can't go, oh God not this way

One final rush, as my life passes by

I can't stand up I don't feel quite right

I fade to black my soul deteriorates

That was my last?


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