Useless lyrics

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Artist(s)Substance D

Who you are, what I am

Take it boy like a man

Do the work, quit your job

Brush your teeth, you're a slob

Yeah right boy

Go to school, read a book

Rob a store, be a crook

Take a walk, run a mile to grow old

And die with a smile, what bullshit

Go to church, buy a gun

Get a wife, have a son

Be involved, never fight

Saw your neighbor stabbed last night

And you didn't do shit, punk

Be a cop, beat a black

Be a man, join the packRide a bike, get a whore

Sell some drugs, and start a war

You're so useless

It's all so senseless

You're so useless

So God damn useless


Buy a gun, go to school

Buy a gun, read a book

Buy a gun, rob a store

Buy a gun, you fucking crook

Buy a gun, take a walk

Buy a gun, what I am

Buy a gun, be a man

You're useless

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