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Cybele's Reverie lyrics

Rating: 3.78
Song Details
Album(s)Emperor Tomato Ketchup

mati¨¨res sensuelles et sans suite
l'enfance est plus sympathique
l'enfance apporte le magique

que faire quand on a tout fait
tout lu tout bu tout mang¨¦
tout donn¨¦ en vrac et en d¨¦tail
quand on a cri¨¦ sur tous les toits
pleur¨¦ et ri dans les villes et en campagne

l'enfance est plus authentique
le jardin au haut portique

la maison la maison d'autrefois
la maison la maison ¨¤ venir

et le silence
me p¨¦n¨¦trera

les pierres, les arbres, les murs, racontent (from 1'45'')
(with ";la maison...";)

and they seemed to say :
";et le silence-trera
et me penetrera";
but silence-trera means nothing, or it's just for the rhyme. Cybele's Reverie

childhood is very nice
childhood brings magic

What to do when one has done everything?
Read everything, drunk everything, eaten everything?
Given everthing in truth and in detail,
when one has cried on all the rooftops,
wept and laughed in the towns and in the country?

childhood is the most real
the garden of new visions

the house, the house, of other times
the house, the house that we have left

and the silence
that penetrates me

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