The Final Sin lyrics

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Artist(s)Solitude Aeturnus
Album(s)Beyond The Crimson Horizon

Ancient black and silent fire
Within your hearts creates desire
To covet far beyond your need
The embers of eternal Greed

Destroy the Earth and cloud the sky
Fill your chests with other's lives
A Midas curse - A deadly shroud
And "all for what?"I ask you now

Armies fill Towers of Greed
Ultimate drones of deceit
Selling you won hopes and dreams
For nothing is nothing it seems

The Crimson wind
You'll die with nothing
In the end...
There is only pain within
There is only pain for sinStill trapped inside the hourglass
Toil and break our backs 'till death
Chained to our dying breath
Behind the mask of loneliness

Forever burning golden pyre
Weeping tears of crimson flame
For ashes that shall bear your name

So I ask you once again
Why must you forever exchange
The peace that gold can buy
For the vanity that it may?

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