Softly lyrics

Rating: 3.18
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Artist(s)Siouxie and the Banshees

Softly into your broken veins
Softly into these broken dreams
Will you ever come home?
Will you ever be found?
Standing on shattered windowpane
softly I whisper your name
concealed in bedclothes of frosting cold
Softly the snowflakes start to fall
fleecing the velvet skin
Suspended in frozen time
Icicles slowly drip outside
to the rhythm of your wounds here inside
I entered your dream, I entered your scheme
Softly to swim inside your veins
Softly in rippling cellophane
to float and glide in time
to the rushing in your brain
I wanted your lips, yes I wanted your kiss
So softly the moment had flown
My body outside yours
softly collects the falling snow
and disappears far away

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