Metal Postcard (Mittageisen) lyrics

Rating: 2.69
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Artist(s)Siouxie and the Banshees
Album(s)The Scream

Dedicated to John Heartfield
Reunion begins
with a glass of mercury
whilst television flickers
for (with) another news bulletin
flints light up the eyes
of the seated family

";Metal is tough, metal will sheen
Metal won't rust when oiled and cleaned
Metal is tough, metal will sheen
Metal will rule in my masterscheme";

With a clockwork jerk
pluck cogs from fob watches
for dinner on Friday
then recoiling say excuse me
";Must go recycle
my precious machinery";

Chorus It's ruling our lives
there is no hope
thought I'd drop a line
the weather here is fine
but day and night it blares
commanding through loudspeakers:-

(Metal is tough, metal is clean)

Lyric: Sioux Music:McKay

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