Nicotine Stain lyrics

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Artist(s)Siouxie and the Banshees
Album(s)The Scream

It's just a habit
when I reach to the packet
for my last cigarette
until the day breaks
and then my hand shakes
but it it's just driving me insane
when the smoke gets in my brain
I can't resist it
Wallow in that ash bath
soaking up the fumes
and see the nicotine stain
start to spread

I'm so congested
cos north, south, east and west
catarrh rests on my chest
congealed and twisted
cough up and shift it
but I can feel my lungs collapse
sinking deep into my lap
I'm so useless

Chorus I'm so useful
if you don't want to fight
just give your foe a fright
say you'll drop me
on every country
see all will be stone dead
when the nicotine stain spreads
just light me

Lyric: Sioux Music: Severin

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