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Album(s)Hail Horror Hail

I want the sun, I want the moon
I curse the devil, I curse god
I deny hell, I deny heaven
my curse will not be broken, ever!

I will torture god in heaven if he won't bend to his knees
I will slay the devil in hell if he doesn't grant my needs

I'll achieve it all, you're to fall and die this night
this is the seventh night, it may even cost my life
beyond all good, beyond all evil, beyond all love and all the hate
beyond your fate, beyond my hate, your tragic end I now await

god in your heaven, hear what I say
devil in hell, grant all for which I pray

on the first night: bosatsu towards the south
on the second: kannon towards the west
on the third night: seishi towards the east
on the fourth: amida in the north

on the night of the seventh rite
I want the sun, I want the moon
I want the day turned into night
I spit at heaven and I spit at hell

I stalk the night, 42 49
I stalk the night, fear my hate, fear my bite

icons of the almighty shall be crushed, the nails I thrust, then you bleed
I'll weed out the unfit, I'll curse every follower of that creed
after midnight fall I'll dig their graves, a pit for week and feeble slaves
all the words of power are said, dressed in white my lips are red

god in your heaven...

on the fifth night: gundali gouzanze
on the sixth night: kongoyasha
on the seventh come chuzonfudo
the seventh night completes the rite

on the night of the seventh rite...

I stalk the night...

no time to beg
goko crushes the legs
stab the chest with sanko
smash the head with dokko
blood on the sword of fudo
skinned and bled
your blood will be shed

bleed! caught by slow death
bleed! taught by my infernal spell
bleed! take your last breath

the five evil lords shiver
gouzanze joins with dokko
kongoyasha throws his pike
daiitoku on the bulls howls

may the curse be achieved this night

I will set your soul free from the mundane world your were born into
I will set your soul free from the mundane world through painful death

42 49 violent storm
this is my holy revenge you shall not want
42 49 a now world is born
through the blood that is shed by my hand

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