Fed Up lyrics

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Album(s)Round 6

There Are No Words That One Can Say
To Justify Oneself Of Existing Conditions Today
The Race Is On And Yet The Stakes Are Fuckin High
So We Gather All We Can
Cause It Aint Worth A Shit When We Die

For Lack Of Resistance
We Cling To Our Existence
Assuming Position
Aborting Our Mission

Fed Up With The Fuckin Lies
Fed Up With The Worlds Demise
Fed Up With The Human Race
I'll Disappear Without A TraceTrying Times- No Peace Of Mind
So We Fight Amongst Ourselves
And We'll Leave Next To Nothing Behind
Fill The Void - To Satisfy
So We Bite The Hand That Feeds Us
A Seemingly Endless Supply

In Search Of A Savior
Condoning This Behavior
Denial - We Live In
When All Is Not Forgiven

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