Life of a Gangster lyrics

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Artist(s)Popa Wu
Album(s)Visions of the Tenth Chamber

Ya niggas better fall back, show me a heart, where it's all at
Take it back to the streets where it's raw to the core, black
Break a law, When the D's rush the door, and y'all rat
Shorty on the floor with her panties off
Wanna taste a lollipop in my candy store
She turned around, said she wanted more
Then I said ";Stank bitch, whose a nasty whore";
Don't take no bull like a matador
Life in hell is pure havoc y'all
Now that we established, to this madness
Not cha average, I got to have it all
Buy a new V, a blue 3 and a quarter
It be the slickin that's pimpin ya daughter
Rippin a trap, lyrical man slaughter
Like the beats stay bumpin bumpin
From crills to diesel pumpin
Y'all cats stay frontin frontin
Like Destiny's Child, we controllin the crowd
We got ya jumpin, jumpin
[Chorus: Freemurder (ShaCronz)]
Who you know got money to get
Make all the honeys sick
Got hell of a dick game (A gangster)
Who you know that, rob big chains
Do big things, got a six range (A gangster)
Who you know don't care about a chick
Rich and gotta hustle full time (A gangster)
Who you know that, never slit, get you hit
Anytime pull nines (A gangster)
Who the hell wanna fuck with, Lil' Free
Now ya get smoked like angel dust
No clicks wanna bang wit us
Might wanna sing wit us, ya can't be dangerous
Ya feds wanna bang us, got fools, N.Y.P.'s wanna hate us
Got chicks on our meets wanna date us
Now we straight ball like the Raiders
Ya fools better slow down, better full rack
Before I make the ock waste a whole round
Put a ghost in your town, Freemurder on your sound
What you be lock round?
Ya dogs ain't harmony, man I make ya boys wet like lingerie
Blue slip, same shit, try to talk slick
But you walk wit, and it's funny like comedy
Disarmin me, nine cypher till I shoot till my arm a cease
And pack bust ya arteries, gun smoke make it hard to breathe
Fog in the air, you can hardly see
[Hook: ShaCronz (Freemurder)]
Can't change the life of a gangster (bang, bang, bang, bang)
Can't change the life of a gangster (bang, bang, bang, bang)
Can't change the life of a gangster (bang, bang, bang, bang)
Can't change the life of a gangster (bang, bang, bang, bang)
[Freemurder (ShaCronz)]
Bang, bang, bang, bang (murder)
Bang, bang, bang, bang (ShaCronz)
Bang, bang, bang, bang (gangster)
Bang, bang, bang, bang
They think that I can't, but I won't stop
Is it hard for a player to change, still closin and it don't drop
Run trains on a chick, put my name on a chick
Ran some my best game on a chick
You like the weight of ice of my chain
Sip to get the small talk, I just want brain, chick
I'm tired, all the bull that you pull
When you come thru, it's always the same shit
Now I never seen a hoe to trap
You want money for this and dough for this
I drink Crys', more of that
Diggin your stacks, aiyo G., let me hold that or go in the back
Gave whatever you needed and I bought you
Taught you lessons and paid your court dues
Girl you know my lifestyle like store dues
I'm from the Fork, I'm pull and cost dudes
I'mma be a God, till I die, stay high
When a broad be a broad, shit, ain't right
I want thug bred, that give good head
Play dice, on late night and stay tight
[Break: Freemurder (ShaCronz)]
Bang, bang, bang, bang (Agent Stealth Productions, ShaCronz)
Bang, bang, bang, bang (Lil' Free)
Bang, bang, bang, bang (Buddha Monk)
Bang, bang, bang, bang (what)
Bang, gangster, (gangster), murder
{Gangster, gangster, gangster}
(Gangster) murder {Gangster}

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