No More Lookin' Back (Poison Jazz) lyrics

Rating: 4.92
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Album(s)Swallow This Live

My friend called just the other day
Packed it up he won't be back this way
It's not your heart but the spirit they break
There's only so much a small town boy can take
See the eyes of the countless masses
Drinking life from the empty glasses
No more victims
No more lies
Ne sheer heart attacks
No more empty promises
No more lookin' back
I came here loaded searching for the dream
But nothing is ever easy as it seems
I thought I got closer to it every day
But every day it just got so far away
See all the faces paled
Shot to hell when the system failed
I thought I could take all the shit in grind
And stand much more pain
But see all those dead end wishes
Eats away at the brain
Solo, chorus

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