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Intro (Jesus Wept ) lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)PM Dawn
Album(s)Jesus Wept

[Jim Morrison,Marvin Gaye,& Martin Luther King Linked Together]
";Is Everybody in?
Is Everybody in?
Is Everybody in?
The Seromony is about to begin";
";There is something greater,
Than what we see on the surface
The Nocturnalism, the Greed.";
";An Artist, if he's truly artist, wants to...
Wants to do the will of God-
Then he must.";
";Hold onto your faith in God,
God will endow you with the gift of intelligence";
";God Didn't give me this dreadful gift,
For me to keep it all to myself";
";You're not going to punish it?";
";I Have to ??? They keep on like this
They will destroy everything.";
[Linus from Peanuts]- ";Dear Great Pumpkin ,
I'm looking forward to your
arrival on a halloween night.
I hope you will bring me lots of presents.
you mustn't get discouraged because
more people believe in santa clause ???? and you,
let's face it Santa Clause has had more Publicity!
Some people tell me you are a fake
but I believe in you
P.S - If you really are a fake, don't tell me coz I don't wanna know.";
(Prince Be/Reasons):- ";You, Me & Time.
We always are, because we never were.";

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