Phobic lyrics

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Album(s)Candy Coated Water Drops
Best Of Plumb

I watched you sit alone
I watched you cry your eyes out
Now tell me what you've done
is it so bad that
I would shut you out
And leave you here alone
Yes, I saw what you did
I was right there with you
I won't let you sink
No, I forgive you
Don't be
Grace needs a little more freedom
Don't be
Love needs room to breathe
I have watched you grow
And I've stood in your shadow
I've never walked away
I hung the stars and
I hold your heart
So, don't ever be afraid
Yes, I know when you breathe
And I feel when you need
I won't let you sink
No, I forgive you
You can be healed
You can be free
You can know peace
Never be afraid again
Never be afraid
Never be afraid
He's here

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