Three lyrics

Rating: 4.10
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Artist(s)Pissing Razors
Album(s)Fields Of Disbelief

Music by Garcia, Valles and Soto · Lyrics by Rodriguez
Do you know how it feels to be left alone?
Captive and surrounded by these four padded walls
Laughter is all around me, patience going low
Sanity's at its breaking point, prepare for the blow
Devoted to three - forgotten for one
We need out - devoted to three
Let us spread our wings
He is not forever - open up your eyes
And fuckin' sympathize
You're slowly killing us - the three we will prevail
Devoted to three - forgotten for one
Three months of watching - the world go by
Incomplete and restless - how can you defy?
Your face reflects what you're thinking
You know that it was wrong
Unleash us from this anguish
It's time to let us out
Devoted to three - forgotten - for one

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