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Mellow Are the Reverberations lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Album(s)Immense Intense Suspense

Make the sign of the cross
For a goodnight's sleep
The bible closes, safely tucked
Nice and cosy under white sheets
Eyelids fall and shut
Soon to reach fantasy
Capture the angel's hand
To flow towards blissful ecstasy
She placed her hand in mine
Simply indoctrinated
Pre serenity
Let this heavenly warmth forever... be!!!
Mellow are the reverberations - a jewel of impeccable grace
Mellow are the reverberations - a stroke of the finest lace
Mellow are the reverberations - nature happily hums it's tune
Mellow are the reverberations - the sunnier the weather...
The greater the joy... the greater the joy!!!
The great waterfall bows over the caves
Seemingly ruthless (yet a) pleasing immensity
Beneath the flowing water, beyond the cracks
The hopeful drops drip a certain melody
The angel's curiosity lurks her nearer
Towards he, who'd been deserted
A harmless-looking character waiting
For his prayers to be answered
No grab my hand... inhabitant of dark holes
Come outside... you no longer have to doll
I broke the spell... the landscapes for you to see
Enjoy your life... forever to be... free!!!
A reprobative locality... black is all that I can see
A reprobative locality... A cave-dweller one was meant to be
A reprobative locality... emptiness simply devoured me
No one can see me
I'm nothing but I'm happy
The exit I'm still searching
But I don't know where I'm going now
repeat 5 & 6 & 7
A harmless-looking character astonished
To see his prayers had been answered
repeat 9

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