Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Phil Ochs
Album(s)Greatest Hits

Em F Em F
Every morning at the dawn dust is in the air.
Em F G Am
Karen rises early, runs brushes through her hair.
Em F Em F
Then she buys the paper, I lay on my back,
Em F G A
Then she feeds the monkey, then she feeds the cat.
I'll talk, I'll talk they live by the sea
Surrounded by a cemetery.
Bm A
If you get tired come up for some tea
Em Bm D Em
With Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and me.
Frances is the next to rise
Powders up her nose.
She's working for the tailor
Makes the western clothes.
Andy drives a sports car
To the Warner Brothers ghost
He used to live in England
Now he loves the coast (chorus)
Some times a friend comes by
To sing the latest song,
But David fights with Susan
Nobody gets along.
Every other Sunday
It's time to make a call.
Judy has a barbecue
Play the volleyball. (chorus)
In the evening When the sun goes down
The streets are all aglow.
We walk out on the hillside
City shines below.
We sit down for our supper
The news begins to play.
Walter he is speechless
Eric speaks cliches. (chorus)
Andy plays a cricket game.
Frances holds a glass.
Karen reads and darns a dress.
I dream of the past.
Dark is spreading up now
Good evening, good night.
Karen turns the bed sheet.
She's turning out the light. (chorus)
Em Am Bm Em
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and me.

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