The Ass lyrics

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Artist(s)Pharoahe Monch
Album(s)Internal Affairs

Fuck it I shagged her, without the use of dissolve Viagra
Had her comin like Niagara Falls when I bagged her
on the cellular my genitalia pitched the pelvis
Uh-huh, when her hips gyrate like Elvis
She tried to scurry hurry to finish very alone
Tell my doggs what's necessary bout how I bury the bone
She said (When you ready to blast, don't ask, say when)
Had her screamin like lightin a nuke when I was halfway in
In the past I used to send em back, give em the minimum
Now I leave em with venom on they chin when I'm bendin em
Y'all know the name - get it engraved, sex slave
Stadium style, from the back, ass doin the wave (HEY!)
Yellin to me is a felony
Hell'll be froze over when I celebrate celibacy, case closed
My Dick Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M., get the ass
without spendin the cash now, look at em
Standin tall with the veins all in it
Nuts ripped up with the brain all in it
My man Mike to see more Dick than Dastardly and Van Dyke
together help me make it through the pain struggle and the bad weather
Yo, be on your way on your lesbian quest
I'm chillin at the rest with Five Fingers of Death (uh-huh)
and a whole lot of cash
'Specially if y'all sisters ain't up in the..

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