The Love i Know lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)PFR (Pray For Rain)
Album(s)Great Lengths

he painted 'i love you' on the bridge
then watched them burn
she bet all she had upon the love
now she's holding her cards
and lost her turn
two hearts in search of wholeness
both willing to risk it all
could true love have fled so easily
leaving both broken from the fall
not the Love i know
Chorus A
it knows no boundaries
keeps no record of wrong
....that's the Love i know
it takes the good with the bad
and it fights to stay strong
....that's the Love i know
this Love always finds a way
to carry on
that's the Love i know
he sits all alone
and stares into an empty sky
she goes through all her mixed emotions
trying to find a reason why
was their pride to big too swallow
was their hurt too deep to heal
could they find some understanding
find forgiveness that's real
that's the Love i know
Chorus B
it speaks in kindness
its seeks only what's true
....that's the Love i know
a love without condition
it looks to renew
....that's the Love i know
it knows that when hope seems gone
hope will come through
that's the Love i know
the Love i know comes from a holy God to man
isn't it time that you received it
are you starting to understand
the Love i know
that's the Love i know
Chorus B

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