OLD ENOUGH (Ode to An Aging Rocker) lyrics

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Artist(s)Peter, Paul & Mary
Album(s)PP M& (LifeLines)

Excerpt from ";Talking Union"; Words by Lee Hayes, Millard Lampell and Pete Seeger - inspired by Woody Guthrie's ";Talking Dustbowl";. ";Talking Union"; ©1958 Stormking Music, Inc., BMI
Lately I've been picking up strange vibrations
I hear my music now on oldies stations
";Put out a CD called ";the best of what I was";
My picture's on the cover and no one knows
Just when you think you've got the wisdom of the ages
Nobody seems to want to turn your pages
I used to think I was the cat's pajamas
Now I'm about as hip as Fernando Lamas
(cause I'm) Old enough
Old enough to be your father
Old enough
Old enough (and then some)
And now my kids are taking me to the shows
There's hip-hop, rap, grunge music I don't know
I like to think I'm still part of the crowd
But, how can they hear the lyrics
When the music is so loud?!
I dig rock and roll music
(I been saying that for a while)
But I wonder if you knew
That rhythm & blues begat the rock and roll style?
And just like that, way before rap,
Woody Guthrie spread the news
He told it straight, let us relate
This Talking Union Blues:
Well if you want higher wages, let me tell you what to do
You've got to talk to the workers in the shop with you
You got to build you a union, got to make it strong
But if you all stick together, boys, it won't be long
You get shorter hours, better working conditions
Vacations with pay, take the kids to the seashore
Well I remember I was seventeen
I was a Birmingham High School rock and roll king
The paper talked about how I'd strut my stuff
I'd like to read it, but my arms aren't long enough
I kinda like my new senior status
I don't even care what the latest fad is
My g-generation's rediscovered me
And now I'm on the cover of modern maturity

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