Leatherwing Bat lyrics

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Artist(s)Peter, Paul & Mary
Album(s)Peter, Paul and Mommy

";I"; said the little leatherwing bat
";I'll tell to you the reason that
The reason that I fly by night
Is because I've lost my heart's delight.";
Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Hey le lee-lee lie-lee low
";I"; said the blackbird sittin' on a chair
";Once I courted a lady, fair.
She proved fickle and turned her back
And ever since then I've dressed in black.";
";I"; said the woodpecker sittin' on a fence
";Once I courted a handsome wench
She got scared and from me fled
And ever since then my head's been red.";
";I"; said the little turtle dove
";I'll tell you how to win her love
Court her night and court her day
Never give her time to say o-neigh!";
";I"; said the bluejay and away he flew
";If I were a young man I'd have two
If one were faithless and chanced to go
I'd add the other string to my bow";
Hey le lee-lee lie-lee low

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