San Francisco Bay Blues lyrics

Rating: 1.20
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Artist(s)Peter, Paul & Mary
Album(s)A Song Will Rise

I got those blues where my baby
Left me down by the Frisco Bay, yea-yea
An ocean liner came and took her away, yea-yea
I didn't mean to treat her bad,
she was the best friend I ever had,
She said goodbye, she made me cry,
She made me wanna lay down my head and die...I
Ain't got a nickel and I ain't got a lousy dime
She don't come back I think I'm gonna lose my mind
If she ever comes back to stay, 'sgonna be another brand new day
Walkin' with my baby by the San Francisco Bay hey hey hey,
Walkin' with my baby by the San Francisco Bay.
Well I'm sittin' down on my back porch,
I don't know which way to go
The girl that I was so crazy about she don't love me anymore
Think I'm gonna catch a freight train, cause I'm feelin' blue
Gonna ride it to the end of the line, thinkin' only of you!
Walkin' with my baby, by the Frisco Bay!!!

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