Get On the Mic lyrics

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Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)The Main Ingredient

[CL Smooth]
Capture this funakthon loaded by the Mecca Don
Into the red zone, you spot my skull and crossbone alone
To fill the Watergates, slaughter great, think and meditate
Set behind the pace of the CL's war face
Cras and tints, making blueprints for over six figure salaries
Luchified, cause many did and died
The mic wrecka, study Mecca, now building
Cause I love my shorties like Jesus loved children
Cause being smooth is the science I crafted
To a state, when they incarsarate me I wanna be free
And play some D on the high-scoring thrill from the Veronville
Taking my yards with no bodyguards
My click's the first round draft pick for time in prison
So the only way to cover that is clean living
Respect given, hear the bell go ";ding";
It's like Tyson stepping back into the ring, soon as I...
Ladies and gentlemen for dead presidents it represents
Now hear what it's like when I (get on the mic)
It's strike cause every Nike I wear is kicking ass there
Too dope to scare and too damn smooth to care
So flick your lighters in the air, and let me blow the roof off
The Collesseum plus I got to get per diem
All dueces file out, and leave the dimes to the front row
And when I say ";Go"; I want 'em showing lovin'
Tossing dough, cause with the daddy unemployed
And the old earth raising me, any other rugged nigga's history
No mystery, I'm physical in action
So guess relaxing is a weekend with Toni Braxton
On your TV is me, incredible MC, B
With the P to the R, my break a ways can bounce for days
This fillets, I'm trucking jewels like Eric B
And all you corny fools can't see me, oh my my my
Healthy, wealthy, and wise is your size
Come and try the hardcore, set on down by every law
Moving in your Lex trecks out a sextivity
At its highest level of funktagious served in major
He's the real Mabel, overqualified to be luchified
Pete Rock's the god when my stiz-ile profile
Slide into the Milky Way, the Carmel King's sing
We're back on crazy to put the duke up in Daisy
Amazingly, none of y'all can faze me never
Add the spice to make you shoop like Salt N Pepa
How large is he? Mastered my degree in mic surgery
With plans to retire at the tender age of 30
Jah is what I cherish, all informers must perish
On the downlow, lift my peoples from the ghetto
In every bourough CL is quite thourough
In do or die don't try when I anni

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