Take You There lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)The Main Ingredient

[Pete Rock]
Check it out
Ahh yeah
Back again with anotha hit, smash
Pete Rock and CL Smooth
We got the groove for you
So go call your crew
And let em know we in the house
CL hit em off with the verses
[CL Smooth]
Never judge a book by the cover; discover the Soul Brother
with the Mecca Don, workin brunette to blonde
How many Edison Con when I respond in full black
with us havin the Vernon villians back to back
Amazing grace when I face the great paperchase
For real it's long overdue, so I don't wanna talk to you
I stroke the hell out of mademoiselle who insisted
every night, she get her back twisted in the unlisted
I'm livin through my son so daddy see it this way
I want him in the NFL, his brother in the NBA
No doubt I with a 'piece, down in Mecca, all crazy
to the lady, none of this is make-believe
I breathe some of the most powerful lyrics of our century
Battle physically, conquer mentally
Essentially, you're dealing with a Mecca affair
So anywhere you wanna go, y'know, I'll take you there
Chorus: unknown singer(s)
C.. L.. whatcha gonna do
You.. know.. you can make me Boo
Ohh-ver.. and ohh-ver again
Come on, and take me there
[CL Smooth]
Control now so in the future see me callin the shots
From larger plots to cash to mini-bikes and open mics
I'm blowin up spots for knots in the millenium years
And now I drop it on my peers, brings Tears and Fears
And now the question manifest in my only
My soldiers wear Versace or the army fatigue
That brings a world of intrigue and glamour to my arsenal
of Gods, pimps to players and layers of Decepticons
My whole mindstate gravitate to weapon
Makin people in the business get a misconception
It ain't hard to the core, it ain't Sex on the Beach
It's just another plateau the brothers have to reach
Emphatic with non-cypher, then we were broke and misguided
Try to gas me like Hitler once we get divided
No question, you're dealing with a Mecca affair
So anywhere you wanna go, I'll take you there
[CL Smooth]
Set it so I can make em all respect my fame
When brothers try to count all my chips in the game
Now let me civilize your foolish acts of gunplay
The plan of a stick man, the price in how to get away
Chose for negroes, the most hypnotical flows
on the planet, another East coast track rose, God damnit
My theme, to mainstream's the knocker
Only time I get right as block is when my lucci's on lock
Pretty much I'm comin through in the clutch see
My thought is a bombshell, built to only propel
Or is it just my style of hustle makin a mark
To rumble the playgrounds with more danger than Jurassic Park
It was dark, when I brought it to the light, despite
my staff's got me takin nothin but champagne baths
Now the aftermath's dealin with a Mecca affair
So anywhere you wanna go, I'll take you there
Just come on
Take me right where I wanna be
Come on
Come on to you and me
Come on
[Pete Rock]
Keep doin it baby
Check it out, bust it
Chorus 2X (second time with music, to fade)

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