Tell Me lyrics

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Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)The Main Ingredient

Tell me how you feel (Hey hey hey)
It's time to get down and do this for real (Repeat 4x)
[CL Smooth]
There she lays, never the nonsense the mood to watch her focus on and
Slide so she can ride the man who's born to be sextified
Study my flicks if only chicks knew the mix for better brands
When power lands the sister had other plans
The plot is set for her to wed giver her dad's permission
To marry the next boss in line in his position
Overprotective, the objective is never to leave her
Taking street, who pack the heat, now meet the Black Caesar
Bought her diamonds and furs, silky jammies isn't hers
But deep down I think a simple man she prefers
Every kiss was a death wish, every plan was a let down
Stopping in tears she pulls over by the playground
Clearing her vision, spots a game through the schoolyard fence
Sneakers squeeking, ball bouncing, looking so intense
And since her hobby was photography with nothing to do
Cool, she takes a flick or two
Tell me how you feel (Hey hey hey)
It's time to get down and do this for real (Repeat 4x)
A couple of weeks go by, clocking the boys around the town
Her mommy shopping, daddy dealing, leaving night all time around
For her to execute her a level to break the family ties
To gamble her future on the love, murder, money, and lies
Watch out, the woman's about to love and claim her king
So she drove up in the ghetto looking to do her thing
Checking the brothers going crazy when the car skirts by the flow
I keep it real and peep it all from my window
So please, the lady's heading upstairs the first door
The second deliver my clothes, the third, run my tub water
Every way she represented made sense to me
When black is out of state, building spots, making lucci
The wind blows the candles, now the moon shines on my chest
But nevertheless I gently rest my head on her breast
But danger lurks in the wings based on how the cards read 'em
I think she'd better tell 'em
Tell me how you feel (Hey hey hey)
It's time to get down and do this for real (Repeat 4x)
The blackest of the seeds to dawn stepping with two briefcases
Son you bless your people when you conquer like Hannibal
When I was about your age, I ran the numbers for money
I'm picturing him and John Gotti hanging in the study
I grew to be large in Crooklyn with your daddy back in the day
We were ready to take Harlem before he passed away
Women and booze, the weapon I choose then was truly major
I'm ringside with Don King when Ali fought Frazier
Scars and metals, when the mob settles I was flexing
My daughter was born so I called the X for some direction
Your father's words are like the Bible to black
But beware, he came barging in your room and you wasn't there
You let your mind wander, taste and face the search party
Left the grounds fully loaded with the tre pound
Then come in deep on the creep to find you and me
Cause you can't stop destiny
Tell me how you feel (Hey hey hey)
It's time to get down and do this for real (Repeat 4x)

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