Carmel City lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)The Main Ingredient

[CL Smooth - singing]
Let me take you on a journey through Carmel City
Where CL's God, and the ladies gotta hit me off
Ballin on the set now baby what's the matter?
When all this is Hot Sex served on a platter?
[CL Smooth - rapping]
Enter my flow so I can hit this show with somethin rugged
It's mainly how all the honies dug it
like every single day and, bounce around the way and
chicks are never waitin when the bodies start marinatin
We expand in player's land to unknowns
to turn my stumbling blocks, into my stepping stones
The pound Donna Karan New York down found
where there can be no type of slackin in your mackin
The whole agenda is for me to decide; the major hustle
is God, when brothers coincide, with the bonafide
CL Smooth, you know the Mecca Don
With lovers only for me, in Carmel City
Top notch, butterscotch, lyrics hits the mode
to make the most gorgeous women wanna get nude
Your eyes stay glued, when this is poppin word is bond
Wifey's gone, now I'm about to get my swerve on
Lay my clothes across the bed, cause I'm here to make a point
Plenty chips, got me ballin in a hot joint
Respect the sextafied aura you could never take light
It's like bringin a knife to a gunfight
My large releases got me mixin with the dimepieces
And down to rival one of Uncle L's little nieces
In my palace of pleasure, everything is done properly
And if you didn't know, you better ask somebody
Right now, the players are the power structure
Check the roly-poly, now it's time you see the brother
CL Smooth, you know the Mecca Don
With lovers only for me, in Carmel City
It's freaktacular, wasn't hard to get em out the blouse
If only wifey knew, hubby got a stash house
And what moves your man got with so much emphasis
Maybe one or two many get ridiculous
So scandalous, the honey arrives with her crew
And now they're talkin bout comin back withoutchu
Yeah my boys are ballin, here's the raw deal:
Come to my house, you gotta get naked for real
Indulgin, my peoples said let's have a talk
about the time my lady's plane hit New York
I'm bailin off the set, headin for the crib G
Cause I'm the first thing the woman wanna see
Take a hot shower, slip on some linen
Now it's a new time, a new day, a new beginnin
CL Smooth, you know the Mecca Don
With lovers only for me, in Carmel City

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