It's Like That lyrics

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Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)Mecca & The Soul Brother

Prepare yourself to catch a verse from the big purse
Rotate the megahertz, where you heard it first
The perpendicular, said none similar
Quadruple any figure, quick on the trigger
Helter skelter, wig out by the goodfella
Not Lou Pinella cuz I'm black and mo' betta
Bust a phenomenum, we come to get busy
Deep in roots, but my name ain't Kizzie
Many many march cuz I'm heavy on the starch
Never tell a farce when I scale on a arch
Jammin' on the radio, brothers say, ";way to go";
Shape it like Play-Do, soprano at the Chateau
My theory periodically flows a odyssey
Bigger than modern technology
So save all the chit-chat when I kick a format fat
It's like that...
C.L. is the attribute you salute
Cuz I gotta make loot, can't afford to be cute
Enter the equilibrium in a medium
Breaking your cranium with no ultimatum
Drop a psalm like a bomb, never land in your palm
And now I'm so cool and calm
Pure unadulterated, premeditated
Lyrical form, Pete Rock is the storm
Sophistication I kick to a nation
I rare compilation I call recreation
The prognosis, so mackadocious
Straight up ferocious for those who can focus
Large like the Beatles, ask all my peoples
Never make movies, so don't talk sequels
So, hon, save the chit-chat when I kick a format fat (it's fat)
It's like that...
I'm all sold out, no doubt, without a question
The blessing your guests in a suprucated session
Anyway your honor, heresay the melee
Is here for the payday, so A to the K
Or should I say Deda, original baby par
Smooth like a reservoir, the funky Shang-Ri-La
No shame in my game, I'm set to entertain
And if it wasn't for the fame, skinz would never know my name
So back off a tad bit, that's a bad habit
Cuz I write the raw...for sure
Now I'm a flip a style and get crazy versatile
Never fragile cuz I'm flowin' like the Nile
Swing a jewel or a gem, notice how I say them
With my approach, smoke a rhyme to a roach
A four-season lover, light-skinned and bigger
But what I deliver come before the cotton picker
So here's to another hit, perfectly legitimate
When I hit the skinz, guaranteed to keep the candle lit
So save all the chit-chat when I kick a format fat
It's like that...

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