Good Life lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Pete Rock and CL Smooth
Album(s)All Souled Out

Some live the good life loungin' by the pool
Catching a suntan and everything's cool
Male or female, you want to be set
In the big mansion drinking Moet
You read the Wall Street Journal
Later for the comic
Far from dumb because you practice logic
You lived poor in the ghetto
Never had the money easily
But, you found the remedy
So, you, your girl, and your kids could have a better opportunity
And teach them all about unity
Cultivating in the brains the words of Allah the master
And they go far
But, you still go visit your old stomping ground
Indeed to help another that's down
A tough situation cuts like a knife
In search of the good life
From the church, the home, on down to the prison
People want to know how is he and she living
Does he work?
Do you wonder if his life will bloom?
Is the girl going to have the kid anytime soon?
How's the mother?
Do they ever go visit the brother?
What about the dad?
I heard he drinks undercover
Some are still shooting up, another on crack
Just the other day trooper got sent back
What type of life do you lead?
Tell me
'Cause you can be anything you want to be
Some will strive for the good life in any case
The mind is a terrible thing to waste
On drugs, violence, and hatred of another color
Hear me now, brother
All around the world the husband and wife
Work night and day in search of the good life
The G double O-D L-I-F-E
Living in luxury
Care free
No time to waste
We catch ours all day
We work instead of play
I B-U-I-L-D inside me
Knowledge and quickly you vacate the city
From a paranoid mental delusion
Plain and simple
I won't cause confusion
Yo, that's your fault
Stop the somersault
'Cause I put the bad like mo to a halt
My destiny I define is heavenly
So, Fort Knox, open sesame
Light shines and the birds keep singing
As I still cling to my positive upbringing
With the need to succeed, right?
On a natural high
The good life

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