Ancient Despair lyrics

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Album(s)Roses By Chaos Spawned

Dark autumn... Sweet misery.
I whisper and softly embrace you.
As dark silhouettes we drift into the night.
Pale images summons the night.
In nightly silence I dream of you.
A thundering voice of pain and sorrow.
Calling with the sound of falling rain.
Sorrow grows chains of strength.
Candles burning in a darkened room.
In haunting silence sadness reach out for me.
A lost life painting pictures of loneliness.
Life brings forth a crying voice.
I was given life but as shadows it vanished.
The past is a flash of sad dreams.
My heart bleeds with blood dark as the night.
Tears like rivers flowing into cold seas.
In the darkness of my past I dwell.
A sorrowful cry speaks to me.
I tread upon the ground of my sorrows.
Embraced by the apathy of my soul.

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