A Bleeding Heart Of Desire lyrics

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Album(s)Roses By Chaos Spawned

Come to me on your dark path.
Join me in my search.
In my longing for something more.
As a spiral of sorrow it is.
A guidance of the sadness within.
Let the grey clouds cover me.
Fill me with cold fog.
As sadness turns to grief.
Mourning over what I cherish.
For I know it can not be true.
Tears fall from the corners of my eyes.
My heart bleeds.
Once again I am able to feel.
To touch the skin of a heavenly creature.
Arising is the secret I once had.
Shivering I am.
Boiling is the blood in my veins.
Nothing more could I ask for.
Desire... Your name is sorrow.
Only you can turn my sadness into joy.

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