Forklift lyrics

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Album(s)Westing(by Musket and Sextant)

chinese spectate riding forklift,
mother says ";no";
can't i for...forklift me?
why? because i need money, work,
time is my life, not hers.
what does it mean?
of course work sucks: spend week in nevada
dancing with old lady full of nickels,
full of nickels and dimes
makes me tired, lose my..self
lose my cash
i get really fucked and then really drunk...
(something about playing cards and being from iowa
and the dealer had 21)
nothing left back home with his forklift
driving past boss creamer, age 24
delta pi, phd
mr. creamer, tired of words,
looked at me,";life is a forklift.
now my mouth is a forklift
this i ask: that you serve as a forklift too.
christmas, christmas

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