In the Mouth of a Desert lyrics

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Album(s)Slanted and Enchanted

can you treat it like an oil well
when it's underground, out of sight?
and if the sight is just a whore sign
can it make enough sense to me?
pretend the table is a trust knot
we'll put our labels down, faith is down
i'll watch some yards of twine unravel
and you'll never get it back
it's what i want (it's what i want)
it's what i want (twine comes down)
it's what i want (it's what i want)
don't you know, i could make you try
make you try [3x]
i've been crowned the king of it, and it is all we have
so wait to hear my words and they're diamond sharp
i can open it up and it's up and down
it's what i want (it's what i want)
i see your bag like a little dog [?](ball of twine)
don't you know that it's what i want (it's what i want)
i'll see your bag and it makes you try
makes you try [3x]
i've been down, the king of it, is all we have
i've been down and i could wait to hear the words
they're diamond sharp today

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