Sirens In Filth lyrics

Rating: 2.97
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Album(s)Wish I could dream it again

Bitterness blows in the heart
Like chilly draughts in the hall
Of a crystal castle
Lost among clouds made of gold
Those anxieting visions
Images behind frozen windows
Make my eyes bleed
Ebony blood
When the silvergray fluid shall crack reality's walls
Mixing with blood and filth as sirens swimming in pitch
When the sweet arcades of these desperate our owns
Trickle down upon yhe misery of this dead everyday life
Like pitch on your wings
Like a child lost in a war
Like dark paint upon a shiny picture
Like dirty sperm on a toy
And whwn the new star will shine of its own black
And there will be nowhere to shelter
Maybe they'll understand who we are
What we'll always cry for

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