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Death Damnation lyrics

Rating: 4.12
Song Details
Artist(s)Nokturnal Mortum

(Music: Knjaz Varggoth / Lyrics: Knjaz Varggoth)
The Lord Of The Abyss, Multiple My Power
All The Demons, Give Me Your Evil Power
From The Place Where Infinity Breathes With Fire,
From The Place Where The Life Paths Ends
Oh You, The Northern Wind!
Send Me Your Violence!
Oh You, The Southern Wind!
Send Me The Heat Of Your Deserts!
Oh You! The Tornadoes Of The East!
Send Me Your Ancient Wisdom!
Oh You, The Wind Of The West!
Show Me My Way!
I'm Sending A Worm Into your soul,
I'm Sending A Snake Into your body,
Go And Eat his soul And flash,
Oh, My Damnation!
Take his life Away, Let his life
Drop Away Into The Sea Of Oblivion
The Streams From Hell, Let You Take his soul
And Strike it On The Stones Of Evil
Oh, Great Ancient Ones!
Give Me The Lighting That's Able To Aim his Heart
By All The Forces Of Hell
Is Sent This Damnation Of Mine
Steel To Steel, Blood To Blood
Pain To Pain, Life To Death!
Millions Of Wizards Look With My Eyes
Millions Of Wisemen Live With My Heart
The victim Won't Escape The Damnation
Let No Shelter Hide him From My Spells
Don't Let him Survive After My Blow
Don't Let him Move Anymore
That's The Damnation That's The Law!
Let It Be, There's No Other Way,
I Want you To Die!

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