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Partners Brothers and Friends lyrics

Rating: 4.49
Song Details
Artist(s)Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Album(s)Partners, Brothers and Friends

The promoter says he wants to cancel
Cause there ain't enough tickets sold
The air conditioner on the bus just broke
and I can't shake this cold
The single lost the bullet,
the singer's losin' his wife;
well I might be crazy but I wouldn't change
A single thing about this life.
Sometimes we feel like champions,
sometimes we just can't win,
sometimes our records hit the top of the charts
or the discount bargain bins.
Through 30 years of touring
We've remained partners, brothers, and friends
we keep it together cause we love it and we're sure
we'll be big time before it all ends.
Well you know you've got the Nitty Gritty
and Jimmy's got his drums along
then Jeffrey and me and Bobby will be
singing all our favorite songs
Catch the fire from the folks in the front row
fan the flames as the beat gets strong
it's great to be a part of something
so good that's lasted so long
Well I saw a story in the paper
suddenly the band's big news
the critics all like our records just fine
but they seem a bit confused
is it folk or rock or country
seems like everybody cares but us
so just leave us an early wakeup call
so we don't miss the bus
The band says it can't stand my latest song, it's too personal
but my first wife's second marriage blew up
she had to get the dang thing annulled
well if that ain't something to sing about
well you tell me what is
and we'll give it a beat and put it on the street
and we just might have another hit

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