Alive Again lyrics

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Album(s)The Closing Chronicles

I) The Release
I can feel your heart inside me. You are alive like the wind,
And soon your soul will be free again.
I know that I have saved you from the other side,
It's like the evil around me's scared because of my pride.
All my life I have wished for this moment to come,
When my body would put a newborn light upon the earth.
I can feel it inside, I can feel that it's you,
And you will never believe that you will been alive before.
I know your soul is erased, the whole of you is defaced
even though your body's here it's not my friend inside.
I know that your soul will be alive again.
I know It will be around like the wind and the rain and the stars.
And I know that your soul will be alive again.
I'll light a candle to remember who you were and who you will be.
The time has come I can feel the ache inside.
You have decided to leave the ocean sky tonight.
Noone is here to bring you into this world.
I'll try to deny my pain and help you out alone
And then the shadow arise, I can see in his eyes,
He no longer denies the fact that you will be reborn.
I feel the pleasure and pain, like my heart is in vain,
But you finally came and now you are here with me.
II) Shadowland Revisited
I'm lost. I have to go. He's my son, but he will never know.
I will return to the shadows and wait for rebirth as well.
life on Earth is so bizarre I prefer the world beyond.
III) Breathless

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