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Last Exit Brooklyn lyrics

Rating: 2.69
Song Details
Album(s)The Catch

When the sun crashes into your world
Look around and you try and find your girl
And you¡¯re daring, too sick of what you see
Out of town is the only place to be
When your life starts to run out of juice
Feel like dyin¡¯ and you just want to get loose
Prayin¡¯ moves don¡¯t make much sense to you
Seeing red before your feeling is blue
Last exit Brooklyn....last exit Brooklyn
Going back, getting out of this town
Stretch it lean and mean, it turns you around
Take your dreams and stretch them out on the street
Take your turn to get back on your feet

Feel the wheels singin¡¯ over the ridge
Feel the song like ";Oakland"; take you
All the time you knew you had the itch
All the girls were glad to see you
Last exit Brooklyn....last exit Brooklyn
Girl in ol¡¯ ¡°V¡± won¡¯t pray
Don¡¯t give you a hard time
All the girls from Brooklyn say
Last exit Brooklyn....last exit Brooklyn
Do you remember the day you left the block
Your mama said you would live to regret it
Coming home, coming stoned, come in hope, coming ready
Are you holding steady
Last exit Brooklyn....last exit Brooklyn....last exit Brooklyn
(McCafferty, Agnew, Charlton, Sweet)
1984 Fool Circle Music

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